Thursday, August 23, 2012

Misconception of Memorization

Proper memorization is a healthy part of learning. After all, memory is required to perform seemingly basic tasks. Sadly, today all memorization is portrayed as a mindless, soul-numbing experience that has an adverse effect on creativity and intelligence as a whole. But as the Supermemo method shows us, healthy memorization can help one become more creative and less dependent on antiquated teaching and testing methodology.


  1. It isn't the memorization that is soul crushing, it is the coercive nature of the school system.

  2. I feel the people in the video are missing the mark. I think they see that school is not fun and not creative for many, and assume that it is the memorization aspect. Using an SRS in classes like history and biology would really have made school more fun and more relaxed (at least for me). Not to mention the pace of classes could go much faster with kids not forgetting everything, removing the stress of cramming...

  3. I agree with you, LittleFish.

    The memorization "by itself" is useless. But, learn without memorization is just, at best, "half learned".

    It's important to know, for example, the reasons of Great Depression. But, how you can argue with someone about it, without know the names of the economics before and after the crisis, the name of the economic theories, the dates of the facts, which strategies went wrong and which solved the problem, etc...

    Unfortunately, nowadays, the people believes it's possible to know everything, without effort and commitment with serious learning.