Wednesday, August 10, 2016

SuperMemo YouTube channel launching soon

Hello, long time no see! How are you all doing? In the last few years, my life has changed quite a bit! I have moved to South America (I am working on Spanish). I will be getting married in a couple of months also. I have had the strong urge to talk about what I've been doing with SuperMemo over the past couple of years (I'm almost at 100,000 flashcards!), and I've decided that it will now manifest itself as a YouTube channel. Here's why:

Years ago, my AdSense account was disabled because of someone clicking on the ads on my page too many times. It was likely done just to help, but it was flagged as illegitimate traffic and my account was suspended. I tried appealing it a number of times but I never actually got to talk to a human, and as a result, this blog could not generate any revenue. It's not that this blog was all about the money, but financial incentives are a nice bonus when you're creating content that others consume and derive value from. Thus my motivation to use this blog as my primary mouthpiece went away. I have always enjoyed Podcasts, and it was my secret dream to have a SuperMemo/ Flashcard podcast, even though I knew it wouldn't really fit my busy lifestyle. Nevertheless, I like the idea of an actual human voice explaining flashcard methodology. There aren't really any voices (that I'm aware of) out there that focus on just flashcards, be it on YouTube or in podcast form.

So I decided to create a new Google account (One that didn't have a suspended AdSense account), and make a YouTube channel in which I will answer questions about Supermemo, flashcards, memory shortcuts, etc. 10 minutes ago I found that my AdSense application was approved, which was the only thing potential road block to this whole plan starting.

Once the channel is up and running, I'll post the address here.
Enjoy your day!