Friday, June 13, 2014

The Battle Continues

This blog is not abandoned, and I have not given up on it. It is surprising how quickly time flies by. I always told myself "I'll post again on the blog," and other things end up getting in the way.

If an alien was watching me like a lab rat or something, he would not notice many changes. I still continue to learn using SuperMemo, continue to experiment on my memory, etc.

A few notable things have happened over the last year:

-SuperMemo 16 is out. Most of the large changes would be noticeable only to fanatics like myself, but I nonetheless embraced SuperMemo 16 from day 1. I hardly ever use Incremental Video (I use other apps to do the same thing), but a few of the changes (Such as quickly being able to use the "find" command, faster importing of large documents, etc.) are more than welcome.

-Touch screen Windows tablets are becoming normal. I purchased a Dell Venue Pro 8 for the purpose of doing SuperMemo on it, and while it isn't perfect, it is certainly a step in the direction I want (Tablet based Incremental Reading is my dream).

-Using SuperMemo to listen to music. I'll cover it in more detail later, but basically it is possible to use SuperMemo to keep track of what music you need to listen to (So you don't forget it). Come to think of it, I've been using SuperMemo to keep track of more and more of my entertainment life.

-My database is now above 70,000 items.

-My search for reliable vocabulary storage solutions (For new languages such as Arabic, Hindi, etc.) continues.

I hope to be more regular with updating you with my progress.

Thanks for your continued patience, keep learning!