Monday, June 27, 2011

Announcing: Supermemo Adventures Issue 01

Sorry for the dearth of updates, I've been fairly busy lately.

In my ideal world, after reading or listening to any news story, there would be an option: "Would you like to download flashcards based on the events you just listened to/read about?" Although I cannot fill that need, I can do something along those lines: Along with my [ir]regular posting, I could periodically release small collections of flashcards containing interesting information. "Why not give that a try?" I wondered.

Thus, as an experiment I'm posting this first "issue" of Supermemo Adventures: Issue 1

I enjoy staying up to date with current events, so this first "issue" is kind of news-focused. I'm not trying to further a cause or promote a political candidate/party/etc. If you find a flashcard that you think promotes something you don't agree with, delete it (Hopefully you won't ever delete a flashcard for that reason, though).

I will try to keep the flashcards rich with interesting photos and artwork, but this will (hopefully) not adversely affect the learning process. Many pictures will only be shown when the answer is shown, so this will rule out certain pictures becoming an unconscious "trigger" for remembering the answer. Think of it as giving a personal, "zine" like touch to information. Each issue should contain less than 50 cards (This database contains 39, I think).

Anyways, let's see what happens: Issue 1 (Again)
Let me know what you think of it :)


  1. Nice example of using this program I suppose it's a good way to show power of this program. I have answered almost all questions.

    I congratulate you with returned to your blog back, almost all time your posts here was interesting for me.


  2. What an interesting idea! I can't wait to give it a try.

  3. Neat idea. Is SM 2006 supposed to be able to open this collection, though? After decompressing (folder structure unaltered) I get the error message described in [1]. The check triggering this message blocks SM from loading it altogether.


  4. I used Supermemo 2008 to create the database, so Supermemo 2006 might not be able to open it. I can't seem to export it as an older version, so I don't think you can use the database with all of the images, formatting, etc. unless you upgrade to 2008. I CAN export all of the questions and answers to a text file, but you will lose a number of image-sensitive flashcards (Who is this guy? Where is Yemen located? etc.), and you won't have neat artwork appear when you click "Show Answer."
    I'm trying to make the flashcard equivalent of a "expansion card pack" seen in games like "Magic: The Gathering;" a small mishmash of interesting information and cool artwork.
    From this point on I'll try to release "issues" using Supermemo 2004 or 2002, whichever is freeware at present. All you will have to do is convert it (Which should be all but automatic).
    Do you want a Q&A text file of the information?

  5. Thanks for the offer. All I'm after is inspiration for better structuring and more pleasant repetition sessions. Too bad there's no backwards compatibility, but it prompted me to go into the trouble of guessing the URL for the SM2008 installer (no rocket science).

    So...I just loaded this collection in trial mode and had fun going through the reps! I admire the illustrative use of question-time and answer-time components, as well as the background picture (this I hadn't figured yet).

    Glitches (mostly from the program's design):

    * Question component fonts in a few elements were oversized, so I simply maximized the element window.
    * The resolution-dependent picture occlusions gave away the answers!

    These and many other glitches have been itching me as of late. But that's nothing we can do about (?)

  6. Hmmmm... I never thought of the resolution not being the same as my computer, thus nullifying the effects of the occlusions... but can you move the red box so that it fits over the desired area? The first review isn't hugely important, so even if you give a card a false positive the first time, you should be fine.

    Also, to adjust the font, press CTRL + [ to decrease the size, CTRL + ] in increase the size. I prefer to keep the words as big as possible (As long as I can read the flashcard without scrolling).

  7. Yes, I could move the occlusions to the right spot . And there really is no problem as to font size. I see no problem with the collection in particular.

  8. Great ideas! What I'd really like to see, though, is an RSS subscription feature built right into SuperMemo (think Google Reader), so that I could read and extract from my favorite news and blog sites right in the SRS program.

  9. I'm thoroughly enjoying the flashcards! I've been using super memo for language learning and a few other topics but this has helped me to broaden my horizons. Thanks! :)