Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hello and welcome

Hello. I am an enthusiastic user of Supermemo, an absurdly powerful flashcard program. It operates on the principle that the best time to review something is just before you forget it. Supermemo calculates when you are going to forget, and using a grading system (0-5) you tell it how accurate it is at predicting your memory patterns.

The user of Supermemo can therefore selectively learn as much as possible in the shortest period of time. Since learning about the potential of Supermemo, I have no choice but to use it as much as possible before I die or my country's infrastructure makes it so that I can no longer use a computer. Either way, I'm in for a great deal of learning for the foreseeable future.

People like talking about stuff that they like, but since most of my friends don't use or care about Supermemo, I run into an obvious wall. But I believe that articulating my thoughts about this lifestyle would benefit myself and others going down this same path.

(Photo credit: Ozyman from Flickr)

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